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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and some tips to make sure you have a smooth ride when renting a party bus, limousine or sedan from us for your airport or event rental.

Make reservations online. You can find our easy online booking form on our tool bar all the way to the right – choose either airport or event booking.Tip: Wedding season may mean making arrangements a year or more out. At minimum, you’ll want to reserve 3 to 6 months in advance. Feel free to reconfirm the reservation as often as you feel the need, we know brides can be anxious and everything needs to be just right….you feel like calling us then go right ahead we’ll be glad to run over the details with you as often as needed

All bookings receive an email confirmation Invoice that will show all of your itinerary details as well as a breakdown of the cost so if you book online be sure you get the confirmation Invoice so you may approve the itinerary as correct.  Also be sure to read the policies.

There is a $50 non-refundable deposit taken at the time of booking.

So here are some answers to frequently asked questions as well as tips to make booking easy:

  1. Plan some details.Our company wants to know as much about your event as possible so the driver can be prepared. We have some drivers who specialize in Boston outings, weddings, bachelor parties, etc.
  2. Choose your vehicle. Don’t make the mistake of booking a six passenger limousine knowing seven people will be in your group, you want to be comfortable as well as safe. Talk to the booking agent if you would like some ideas on what to choose for your limousine. For airport trips you can find the passenger and luggage suggestions under each photograph on our Fleet Page. Remember a 10 passenger limousine is built for passengers, not luggage. It has the same size trunk space as an average sedan so that’s not a good choice for an airport trip, consider the 13 passenger van, plenty of room for passengers as well as lots of luggage space (ladies).
  3. Plan for refreshments. Part of the fun of renting a bus or limo is starting the party before you arrive at the event. As long as you are 21 years of age or older alcoholic beverages are fine, we supply clean champagne and rock glasses for your convenience as well as ice chests stocked full of ice and some bottled waters, just bring along your beverage of choice and away you go, no under age drinking and no food please.
  4. Consider your music.You may prefer to bring your own music on your iPod or mix CD. You can see which vehicles offer what for music options by checking our fleet page, under each photo are the vehicle options.
  5. Plan your routes. Are you going straight from Point A to Point B, or are you planning to meander, making stops at places along the way? You’ll want to inform us of your expected itinerary, the driver will be prepared and you can enjoy your rental rather than having to lean??into the drivers cabin giving directions.
  6. Be clear about cost.We do charge from when the limousine leaves our lot until it’s return if you are located north of Hingham or south of the Bridges.  There is a charge of  50% of the hourly rate for travel charge.  There is NO sales tax on livery services. Cancellation policy can be found under the “About” tab on our tool bar (Policies).
  7. Payment Due: For weddings your credit card will be billed the week of the wedding rental, all other reservations are billed the day prior to the rental.
  8. Prepare to cash tip. It’s required to tip the driver 20 percent of the base price. Our drivers have been with us for years and are true blue professionals.
  9. Check us out. To get the best experience for the money, be sure to check our testimonials and get referrals from family & friends.
  10. Lastly, don’t hesitate to call Diane in our office 508-558-7805 if you feel you have more questions, she will be happy to help you. No question is stupid; renting a limousine is usually out of most peoples daily experience and Diane understands that, she will patiently help you out. Also emails are a great method of sending some questions, our email is monitored every 15 minutes, cancellation policies can be found under our Policies tab.